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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  February 10, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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we'll talk more john about but the traffic depending on where you are the kind of you're right. the bridges are packed to have to hotspots 87 6.80 so we'll update those crashes are old but still backing up traffic ok not as windy as yesterday but still windy, yeah, and we still have some windy a hours ahead of us specially tonight, so even though we're coming down for a few spots, including right along the bay as daria said still windy sore now through it just yet golden gate bridge is crystal clear and it's actually pretty calm san francisco at 3 miles per hour for your winds hayward at 2 miles per hour. >>you compare that to the north bay and even a couple spots in the east bay and quite the range of conditions that we've got going on right now now windy conditions are going to remain in the north bay through the day after what will be a nice calm day right alongside the bay itself. winds will increase tonight that will make for a breezy a monday evening ahead of us and wind advisories will still remain in effect for upper elevations in the north bay in the east bay pretty easy to
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see why leading into tomorrow morning winds continue for the north bay winds come down for the bay itself and then all across the bay area starting to catch a break towards the middle of the day tomorrow and after that the rest of your forecast looks increasingly calm and nice which is a good chance to enjoy some of the 60's and 70's that we've got as of right now skies are beautiful unclear very quiet picture on satellite and radar. alameda already at 61 degrees, san francisco and 59 napa santa rosa. each in the 60's as well so we are looking at some warm conditions up there for a lot of us as you're stepping outside later on only getting warmer so do get outside enjoy the nice weather but do know that tonight, especially winds are likely to pick back robin. >>the traffic remains heavy and san jose we have lanes blocked on the guadalupe parkway out to investigate a fatal crash that happened in the 5 o'clock hour south 87 and kerner your 2 left lanes are still closed after a light real vehicle struck and killed
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a pedestrian so as that continues you're backed up southbound right through the scene but it's much heavier northbound the traffic is solid from 85 because that's a commute direction and a bus for his remains in place for passengers, a new update for overturn crash in san ramon on 6.80 the southbound ohlander tang and it's one of those tree trimmer flipped over we've gone from having the right lane blocked to the 3 right lanes so it's getting worse and the traffic is backed up here on southbound 6 80 all the way through danville to sycamore valley so it's going to be a very slow commute there from danville san ramon because of that overturned but quiet into san francisco, the traffic is heavy yes, it's backed up through the maze but you're only averaging 10 minutes into san francisco darya james staying salon 9 o 2 let's get back to the breaking news that we're following this morning 4 people died in 3 separate house fires overnight around the bay, let's get to the
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first scene. >>in the north bay 2 people were killed in house fire in vacaville and that's where kron 4 is standing by with the latest. well. >>what they don't know at this time is how the fire started but what they do know with certainty 2 adults died near the kitchen area. you can see there's the fire there this is on scot steel drive in the fire department they came out here at around 11 30 last night say quickly knocked down the flames, they rushed inside they pulled a woman from the kitchen area rushed her to the hospital she was alive at that time, but her injuries simply too much and that she died at the hospital there was a man inside as they were working their way through the house that man died at the scene you can see all of the south being pulled out in front of the house, so this house right now has been got it. this happened at around 11 30 last night when a lot of people were sleeping at the time, bright orange flames caught the attention of neighbors, including alaina was kind enough to join me this
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morning, you say you called 911 s >>a and we went am pm over they coming back, we saw the fire and i called i line my husband spoke to them and i went banging on their door and all i heard was what i like an older man's dying helped. and i can then went to the neighbor's door and they knocked on their door because the fire was on their side. so as a way that would go to the neighbor's house as well so you heard him and. >>baking and screaming for help but it was just too hot for you to run and i would it where nobody could get in either it was absolutely and you heard the fire crackling inside. >>and saying help man did you know the couple at all you know i did a they really came out there were very old. we've seen family could visit them, but we don't within thank you so much i can clearly see she's still shaken up by what happened the fire was
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contained. >>to this location we do know that they were homeowners and not visiting or air bnb this was their location but until their fmmilies have been notified their identity will not be released back to >>so in other breaking news, we have a picture of the deadly house fire in oakland that claimed one person's life a second person was hurt in that fire which broke out about 4 15 this morning was on multicore right near bernhardt drive. firefighters got to the scene they found the home engulfed in flames if actually started to spread to a second home, but they were able to get it under control the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and in the day today, another man was killed in a house fire which broke out just before midnight on salmon creek road. that's just off of highway. firefighters say they had a hard time putting this one out because the intense flames were so strong that was until they finally got it under control that they discovered the victim inside. >>9 oh 5 and breaking news from overnight 2 people are in the hospital after a shooting
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in hayward that happened around 10 30 last night in the 100 block of medford avenue right off of the nimitz deputies say 2 people got into a fight there was a struggle over the gun and both of them wound up being shot they are expected to recover. it's 9 oh 5 and today, you'll notice a new program on bart they're trying to improve rider safety they are yeah you're going to see new ambassadors on the platform and on the trains kron 4 sarah stinson live while the creek to explain what they'll be doing good morning. sarah. >>good morning these 10 in new barton bastards they have their boots on the ground today for the first time ever and they're basically going to be walking around stations and trains in pairs of 2 making sure that they can keep an open for police if something's happening that you get an officer there right away that can address concerns take a look at your screen. we have a picture of what these investors will look like they have different uniforms some of the people who are used to like the fare inspectors in
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community service the team has completed very specific training over the last couple weeks the pilot program is to address customers concerns over safety and security the ambassadors will be equipped with radios to report safety pile hazards and security concerns these 10 people have also trained to respond to customer questions complaints requests for service. there's a lot that they can do to just help people as they ride farc they will observe what's going on around the stations and call an officer when forsman is needed and the board voted back on january 9 fund this 6 month pilot costing $690,000 and as i said that new staff be working in teams of 2, 7 days a week or 2 in the afternoon until midnight so they won't be on the morning shift but they will definitely be there at night when it gets dark, i talked with a lot of our writers and they basically when i asked them if they think this will help this and hopefully and they explain to me what they hope it helps. >>like to see bar cleaned up there's a lot of homeless people that just love on it it's a safe place for them but
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then it. was a keen for the rest of us because they take up 2 seats. the more personal for security we get. >>and that's what i heard from most of the people i talked to this morning. ambassadors will focus on the more heavily traveled stations and that includes the transbay corridor between 12 street oakland and civic center stations and then during those a busy commute hours. they will also extend their coverage to stations like walnut creek where i'm at right now and as well the pittsburg bay point station as well so a lot of coverage this 10 newton ambassadors if this pilot program successful maybe will stick around and that's part writers who tell me they hope it happens for now live in walnut creek sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks a lot sarah. well speaking of bart starting today there will be some some new train schedules. it's all aimed at trying to
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help you. >>as best you can and they're going to be some light to start earlier for those that need earlier train some will start later for the underused the lines and then other significant changes, including the fact that we'll have more trains heading into san francisco on sundays. and they'll be a new fleet of trains coming online beginning saturday. you can find a complete breakdown of all these changes on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>9 oh 9 and now to the big story, the corona virus outbreak the first american has died of the virus at a hospital in one hand china. he was 60 years old to the corona virus now kills are now has killed more people than sars dead. >>a few years back 910 people dead now worldwide with more than 40,000 people infected in 27 countries there are at least 12 cases confirmed here in the u s with half of those right here in california 6 in california for being treated here in the bay area. >>2 patients from san benito county are being treated at ucsf 2 others in santa clara
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are being treated as well 5 hospital workers as well in santa clara county are under self-isolation just in case because they did come in contact with 2 of those patients then they're the cruise ships affected now at least a 135 people on this the diamond princess cruise in japan have tested positive for the virus. that means all 3,000 people on board have to be under quarantine and stay on the ship for 14 days. and of the evacuees that were flown in a travis air force base 5 of them are showing symptoms of the corona virus. they were on different planes are over there are 2 different planes that came in they have not been diagnosed with the virus they're just showing the symptoms so they are under quarantine for 14 days like everybody else there. doctor henry walke e with the cdc says they're not taking any chances that this is the first time in 50 years and we've used to court in order to. >>restrict movement for someone for infectious disease, both protect themselves. we protect the people in the corn team
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because they can get medical care more quickly as well as protect the outside uh outside a problem. certainly it's concerning read we see the sea are all are all in. eyes is all hands on deck approach to try to contain this. outbreak this is spread throughout the on throughout the united states. >>local hospital say that if an outbreak does reach the bay area in greater numbers, they are ready if someone is admitted to san francisco general for instance with corona virus. they have precautions in place that will protect both the patient and the hospital staff. >>most important thing that we need to do to protect both patients and staff is recognize when patients have one of these diseases usually when i'm the sky types of infections are transmitted in healthcare. settings it's because for a period of time people just didn't realize that was what was going on. and so people weren't using
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the necessary precautions. >>there are 50 isolation rooms at the hospital these are rooms that are sealed off air cannot escape from them without going through. pretty impressive filters medical staff will also be wearing protective clothing to in case you need to come in contact with the patient during treatment. the news an arrest made after a hit and run crash that took the life of this 4 year-old boy we'll tell you what police say is the latest this morning. >>plus an arrest in the murder of an east bay woman we'll tell you about the disturbing details and who police say was behind the attacks. tom: my mom always told me
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actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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>>welcome back 9.15 on this monday morning back to where to go and we are looking at some nice conditions today certainly a lot calmer than yesterday at the airport and right along the rest of the bay where winds yesterday resulted in some flight delays as well as cancellations. as of right now we're not seeing any of that now into the evening tonight that could change as winds do pick up briefly for the core of the day we're going to be looking at winds through the day for the north bay though and for inland east bay area so we're still not done with those windiest of conditions napa fairfield looking at windy conditions as of right now livermore and santa rosa, pretty similar. although it is nice and calm right alongside the bay and the coast and we're going to stay that way for most of the day and even most of the evening, but look at how wind spread during overnight hours and we do have a brief period of stronger winds after you've gone to bed tonight right across the core
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of the bay and then are really picking up for the north bay, it's pretty easy to see why we are still under wind advisories when you look at it this way. now into tomorrow afternoon look at this winds backing off and the rest of the forecast after that is going to be nice and calm so we're still in the midst of this windy start to the week, but it's not going to last for much longer wind advisories have now expired for the east bay, but they will remain in effect for the north bay through tomorrow mid morning. you will see that sonoma napa and solano counties at the upper elevations that will still see winds gusting as high as 50 miles per hour at times, especially tonight. daytime highs today, nice and comfortable do enjoy, especially those calmer conditions right alongside the bay with daytime highs well into the upper 60's oakland, san jose hayward each up to 68 conquer just shy of 70. and then our when the north bay areas in the 70's which i mean it be nice to not have the strong winds but a good chance to still enjoy some comfortable, unseasonably warm
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weather. tomorrow, warm and windy to start than just warm to finish the day as winds calm down into the middle of the morning. part partly cloudy on wednesday but staying dry just a couple of sprinkles thursday night into friday looking possible and then the rest of your friday for valentine's day looks great for getting out there. robin we have a couple hot spots that just won't go away back to san ramon southbound 6 ad of all under 10 and that's where a truck flipped over about 2 hours ago and it still blocking its a tree-trimming truck. >>and they have the 3 right lanes shut down so that alert remains in place and it's just crawling on southbound 6 ad out of danville all the way to san ramon and we still don't have an estimated time of clearing are other hot spot down in the south bay a fatal crash from earlier this morning, a south 87 at kerner that's where vta light road vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian that was on the track so 2 lanes still closed but the heavy traffic is actually northbound the opposite side of the activity so north 87 solid from 85 all
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the activity is south 87 at kirchner with the 2 left lanes still blocked off, here's your bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco still crawling from the maze this is going to stick around for a couple more hours and 92 still packed because of all the heavy traffic along the peninsula on north one oh one it started with a crash in burlingame it's gone, but it's backed up through send the tail on to 92 through foster city and all the way across the span into hayward. >>time now to talk winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black joining us this morning. thank you rob banks. all i've always want to start off with where stocks are this morning and what's driving the short-term focus now is kind of leaving a little bit of the credit fire spreading. but it's more of what's going to do to into china and also spent a lot of attention this right now what's going on inside of china and their factory this. >>because we have christmas coming up on a sand, but it's only but i think it takes a lot of manufacture that stopped. the factories in
9:19 am
china manufacture food goods for chinese consumers. they're running made their factories are shut down right now not all were saying how much how big how wide what affect companies like apple who have most are manufacturing in china. i'm earning season that it's part but we're still kind of battling some lingering issues on on wall street, there's jacket an interesting one there 10 years old the company and we've learned direction wildfires in california now issue to this morning at the fact that one in 3 consumers. a bit worried, but stressed that they're going to max out their credit cards in your loser column and i can see why that's not a good position of to have a little stress is okay because you're thinking about it by with our auto debt, having highs with our credit card debt hitting highs are student at any nizar more jetting eyes. it will eventually come in to become a problem. high interest debt is bad in my opinion credit card debt is bad and yet i have credit card debt, but i pay off the balance every month some good enough rewards that come with it without the high interest been toppled by but one in 3
9:20 am
americans are 91 million americans say they're afraid that the max out their credit card making a large purchase a large purchase pacino is anything over $100. got yeah that doesn't take much these days right that's kind of the point of this one i'm still more americans take on more mounted at how we passed a train dollars credit card debt. us household revolving credit card debt stands at an average about $7,000 right now which means about $1100 of interest every year. again for the california consumer we may say that look small because we have higher paychecks here by to that's a big number across america when the average salary is around $55,000. i'm at a 3 americans have more debt starting 2020 than it did 2019 if you have problems debt please please can i control that because that's the one thing that i see people spiral out of control left and eventually it got a pad or run your credit or you don't say for to get those interest season. if you want know and with the rates as high as they are takes forever to pay off
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those debts on the spin it pay it back twice which actually put on the card absence to get a clear. ok so the oscars were last night. you've been following netflix has a stock and they had. >>like the most nominations with all their original programming it tonight, but they made off with exactly how many trophies to of 20 more, it's very disappointing because netflix can only ride the adam sandler comedy is so far and you get into what's the big quality content so netflix left the academy awards with 2 oscars last night he could have been their night. martin scorsese's irishman marriage story the 2 pope's all had worthy performances but none walked away with the statue. i'm laura dern won for best supporting actress for marriage story, american factory which is a netflix documentary about american factories in chinese that also on and that interesting enough t i did not know this was produced by barack michelle obama's higher ground productions. netflix has 17 nominations for the golden globes, but only one winner, they had 7 screen actors guild
9:22 am
nominations, but only one winner. laura dern they did have to and this is an interesting side note they had to animation films nominated. so they're trying to compete with pixar and the qualities their cause was decent. i lost my body was animation film so pictures not on call on the spate netflix is trying to become more not pull it off so to speak given maybe next year we'll see what they can put out right ask your friends, what's the buzz on netflix nobody says anything right now interesting waiting for the next big bank ok, thank you much as always right and keep the questions coming in will ask rob the question tomorrow robber dot com you can find him on facebook twitter and of course always on our website at kron 4 dot
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>>we're back in 9.25 sonoma county homeless service providers are scrambling now after learning that their funding is being drastically cut now this comes despite the fact that the county still dealing with the cleanup of that nearly 2 mile long joe ridout a homeless encampment that work is expected to take at least several more weeks but now some of the sonoma county homeless service providers who are helping this population are finding themselves facing cuts from the county starting in july. >>what that means in can translate into is less shelter beds less housing beds, people losing their house because they other nonprofits can't continue those housing units and so it could to create more individuals living on our streets. >>now the mayor of santa rosa says that last year the state gave him $12 million in funding to spend on
9:26 am
homelessness this year they got nearly 7 million more, but it's not enough and he's hoping. the state sees the importance of the in of investing locally in addressing homelessness crisis. >>and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news we take a look at the hidden history of the 40 niners icon roger craig and the legacy that he has on and off the fighting climate change
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>>almost 9.30 so we want to take a peek at the weather and the traffic late risers how evil and still very busy out there. in fact a have to hot spots that are still in place and the bridges are still packs all check it all ok and on the weather really windy yesterday continued breezy today and yet still breezy today but for parts of the day we've actually been pretty calm for others too. so that's the difference between yesterday and today because yesterday you couldn't escape it was just breezy windy everywhere. that included are bridges which have actually been pretty calm so far look at the north bay though definitely not come see our we are still in the midst of it east and north bay still sitting with some very windy conditions while san francisco oakland hayward about view in san jose. actually pretty calm right about now winds will remain breezy through the north bay as we move into the afternoon and then tonight winds do pick up for the rest of the bay area becoming breezy briefly over the evening for even spots right alongside the bay. well the north they will continue to
9:30 am
see your best chances of any sort of trees down loss of power as winds up there will be the strongest after tomorrow winds calm down and then it's just time to enjoy the sunshine that we've already got today and we're going to see some nice comfortable temperatures already are in san francisco in san mateo with 60 degrees for each of the city's oakland alameda berkeley at 59 degrees each well look at the north bay napa lay ho santa rosa in saint helene a already in the 60's. some of these spots in the north bay though our company by the stronger winds later today, a range of 60's to even low 70's for daytime highs. i'm talking what to expect today when those winds will calm down and the rest of the week after that still to come. robin what head over to the east bay where crews are still working with this overturned truck on on its side southbound 6.80 a bold and you're kang and it flipped over shortly after 7 o'clock this morning, it's a tree trimmer truck. >>and they have to 3 right lanes close so it's been
9:31 am
working for quite some time that's why the traffic is still slow backed up all the way through danville beyond eop low road so 6.80 south as you're driving need to get out there early because you're going to be stuck in traffic. it doesn't look like they're going to clear it any time soon checking the south bay just talk the chp they said the traffic alert is still in place south 87 at kirchner this accident happened in the 5 o'clock hour after of eta light real vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian there on the track so the 2 left lanes are closed on 87 minor delays going south. much heavier northbound which is the commute direction. it's heavy from capital all the way through the scene quick peek at the bay bridge traffic, it's still they're not going to thin out any time soon but at least it's under 15 minutes for your average into san francisco giant chain saying is 9.31 of these bay richmond police have the suspected driver involved in a deadly hit and run that killed a 4 year-old boy. hector was walking with his parents along calling avenue on friday when he was struck and killed the
9:32 am
driver took off. witnesses say the drivers often speed through that neighborhood and it's a problem they want addressed. >>i knew something bad was going to happen eventually topple >>what i'm trying to do is gather neighbors together to see if we can get speed bumps installed. >>the driver has been booked on charges of hit run and resulting in the deaths. and hayward a man is charged with killing his own wife last tuesday at their home on willamette way the district attorney's says that the victim maria low pay a loop. a hernandez. told her daughter to go into a room and pack up some belongings a lock herself in her bedroom. and then she was fatally stabbed by her husband alan rogue >>complete shot, we didn't even know what happened. complete shock. >>the couple's 11 year-old daughter witnessed the murder and she's the one who called the police and investigators say when they got there they found the murder weapon in the home.
9:33 am
>>the deadly shooting under investigation now the north bay it happened at highlands park in vallejo police say the 38 year-old man was shot and died at the hospital, this is the first homicide. in the later this year. in the east bay school budget cuts now threatening the jobs of more than 200 teachers in the west contra costa county school district. the district is bracing now for more than $47 million in budget cuts for the upcoming school year. right now the school district budget deficit is in the 10's of millions of dollars and teachers and city leaders say that insufficient state funding really is only part of the reason that they have this budget crisis. >>blame the district 4 lack of accountability and management of the fines on a local level of the school district is taking responsibility for a floor, it's it's short commute. we have had some turnover in our business department. >>and that's led to a land that has led to some concerns about the numbers that we've seen as a school district they have to start notifying the teachers whether they're going to be there next year.
9:34 am
>>in addition to possibly making sweeping cuts in the classroom, the school district will likely be forced to lay off administrative workers as well. >>it's 9 33 and the forty-niners have a long history of outstanding players, including roger craig who won 3 super bowls with the red and gold but his legacy in his home town in iowa, extends off the football field as well, josh manson has more. >>roger craig is best known for being the legendary running back with the san francisco forty-niners playing alongside greats such as joe montana and jerry rice, the here in the quad cities. he's best known for being a hometown hero who always gave back to the quad cities that made him this today forget is community and even from his high school he bought. >>shoes for an entire team. and amongst other things he's you know he spent were you know i mean you might about itself. a new car. i don't know, but but he and forget
9:35 am
people here coach flynn who was an assistant coach at the time says craig was very talented, but he also was just as impressed as to who he was off the field. >>i think the thing that you can learn from of a person like roger craig is. number one. you can get has banned. on talent alone, he worked hard, he worked hard all of the time and didn't make a difference. what the court he was involved in and so i i you know hard work will get you. most times where you want to go working hard and being humble was instilled into roger craig since he was a little boy. >>his older brother curtis guided him and help shape him to be the man that he is today rogers says he owes his success to his older brother buy help me tears as ethics you know not that are you know
9:36 am
card in the next that could be because you know you that that that taught me all the scene. >>going to help me and or not actually but is well craig says he wants the younger generation that's coming up now to understand what you put into life is what you'll get out of it believe in yourself. >>leaving your and your and just you know just unjust know are you not to bring ukraine or you know that if you don't understand certain questions from leaders from summit team, coaches know learn as much as you know, so you can be the best you can you know least about the people is life lessons like those that anyone regardless of their profession can use to be the best and what they do.
9:37 am
>>that was john svendsen reporting. roger craig says it's important to have a mentor in addition to having a great work ethic. he said that he learned a lot from chicago bears great walter payton. >>and as you're stepping outside this morning. it is definitely calmer right along the bay, but look at where winds will be later today, especially for the north bay, your forecast ahead. >>and a live look at traffic leaving the oakland maze heading into san francisco, it's still going to be backed up especially for those of you coming from the 5.80 west connector up to the bay bridge toll
9:38 am
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i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>90 years a heartwarming story out of atlanta delta airlines reunited it holler was her last daddy doll yes, if you haven't heard a daddy dollars for children whose family members can't always be there and in this case, this belongs to kenley britain. she was given to her by her father he's deployed overseas and not only does it have his picture on it, but it also has a recording of his voice she should can always hear debbie's policeman or she wants. >>well the doll became lost when she and her mom are traveling from connecticut to florida and her mother posted plea on facebook pleading for delta employees to help them find it and don't the debt. >>once we heard that the delta people across the system rally together to locate a stall. because it was so special. we didn't feel like mailing. now was the right thing to do and even as she felt a little bit
9:41 am
overwhelmed at the moment. having and you know through the years will mean so much to >>well delta even had a plan at one point it may be shipped a record or to her dad deployed overseas or he could re-record his voice they can maybe put together nodal for but in the end it didn't have to they found it. >>morning buzz is some football better than no football is one black actor nominee better than none at the oscars. the subtle tribute to all tom: my mom always told me
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actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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>>welcome back 9.44 on this monday morning back to work today under clear skies that's something we saw plenty of yesterday the big question on everyone's minds is what is the wind going to be like today will be good news for areas right along side, the bay as you're getting a nice break from it so you get a chance to step outside and just enjoy some of that sunshine which is present all across the bay area were still in the midst of some very windy conditions though the pattern set up will still bring some very strong winds at times across the north bay we did just see wind advisories expire for the east bay, but they do remain in effect for hilly spots in the north bay. well into tomorrow and you can pretty clearly see why here when taking a look at where winds will be especially later on today so pretty calm one right along the bay breezy for the east bay, especially when deeper hilly spots in the north bay. but winds will spread gradually overnight
9:45 am
tonight and after you've gone to bed do expect a breezy evening even along bayside areas like oakland hayward and san francisco, north bay still going to be the windiest spots tomorrow morning watch for debris is on roadways maybe even a couple of downed trees much like we saw yesterday then we work our way into tomorrow and look at how things begin to calm down. after tomorrow afternoon. we're set up for really calm rest year forecast with lots of sunshine and just slightly cooler temperatures as i mentioned the spay wind advisories have expired north bay wind advisories remain in effect into tomorrow mid morning for upper elevations of marine sonoma and napa counties. your daytime highs today, this is the best part of your forecast when you how nice we are about to be upper 60's with concord at 69 oakland hayward mountain view, san jose just 68 north bay temperatures in the low 70's. next 7 days, not changing much we remain dry and unseasonably warm. robin all right. thank you john check out the heavy traffic here on 6.80 we're
9:46 am
looking at the crawl on the southbound side it's a northbound camera. >>looking at the southbound traffic that's what it's like on south 6.80 leaving danville heading into san ramon. it's all because of this overturned truck, it's a tree trimmer that flipped over several hours ago at boland shirt hanging and crews still have the 3 right lanes blocked off so it's just going to be a tough drive from danville to san ramon we still don't have an estimated time of clearing the truck flipped on its side so they have to get up writing clear 87 and partner southbound a fatal accident still under investigation. it happened between of eta light rail and a pedestrian which was on the tracks by the way the 2 left lanes are still blocked off and we still have eta delays and a bus parade set up for passengers traveling between the tammy and station and the curtain or station as that investigation continues a new one for the nimitz this is leaving union city into fremont 80 south alvarado boulevard new accident just popping up so a
9:47 am
very busy commute from hayward through union city into fremont at 36 minutes off to to 37 and a quick peek at the bay bridge. there's your line yes, it's still there and backed up heavily through the maze. the football fans are buzzing about the xfl this morning because it's better than nothing the rebooted spring league is getting some positive reviews about the quality of play the unconventional rule changes and. >>the accessibility to fans you can actually afford to go to this is 30 bucks for a ticket which is how much it cost to just park when you go to regular nfl game if you can and you found it fairly entertaining james, i did it i think it to be a nice way to fill the gap between a nfl seasons. >>it was faster pace time like the rule changes, those is fun to watch see how long it sticks around because of the xfl can make it to summer it will be a success. the amf didn't even last a season before they pulled the plug on it. but one of the coaches has landed on her feet and right
9:48 am
into the nfl history books. jennifer king just landed a job with washington to become the first black female coach in the nfl. and just the 4th woman with a full-time coaching job, including katie sauers who landed with the san francisco 49 ers last year and look who else landed in san francisco. the warriors newest member andrew wiggins he touched down friday night with his adorable daughter and his bag that he had to collect himself and then hit the court saturday for the warriors game against the lakers. the warriors lost and they also help the lakers mourn the loss of colby ryan staff koby jersey underneath his jacket because he's a lakers jersey there clay's sporting one of the teachers and so to dream on everybody's wearing their special t-shirts to commemorate and honor koby his daughter and the other 7 people who died. in that helicopter crash whether they were rooting for the warriors or the lakers koby united all
9:49 am
of the fans and spike lee sported is colby outfit at the oscars. he was decked out in a purple talks with kobe's numbers on the lapel. and natalie portman, she also made a statement with her outfit but it was harder to see down the side of her cape was embroidered the names of the female directors who were snubbed. only 5 women have ever been nominated for the best director any oscars 92 year history. and only one is one. but this male director made some oscar history. let's take a look at him his film parasite became the first non english language film ever to win the best picture award bong joon-ho says that he wished he could split the oscar with the legends he was up against. >>he will have to build on what he told the nice amy not a that will go on the hot enough and the great directors, of the academy invite to get a texas chainsaw
9:50 am
to get a 5 as sherry share with all of you. >>well he won an oscar that he can almost tantamount to the competition. paris i won best picture best foreign language film, best director and best original screenplay some of the other big awards from the night. joaquin phoenix he won for best actor for playing a tortured cycle pass in renee zellweger she got the best actress nod for playing judy garland's gary and brad pitt he won best supporting actor that he was playing a stunt man to leonardo dicaprio's character in once upon a time in hollywood he told rider coattails anytime leo and laura dern she got the best supporting actress for playing a tough as nails. divorce. attorney ernie. in the movie marriage story and for all the strides at the oscars did not make with women this year it also did not make any progress
9:51 am
with african-americans cynthia a revolt was the only the one and only black actor nominated for her role in harriet so i'm not a ton of progress you know this year they stuck with no host like last year which currently that's like kind of like that better yes speed things up they just have a few jokes peppered in and some entertainment and don't don't create a big show that last forever that we can stay up to watch. of us. our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. yeah, they help us with achievable steps along the way... we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us.
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>well oscars weekend brought a new number one at the box office starring oscar nominee david daniel has an early look at the weekend box office. >>jumanji the next level took in 5 and a half million dollars for another 5th place finish in a domestic total of 298 million doolittle dropped to number 4 earning million 1917 and it's 10 oscar nominations to 3rd place on ticket sales of $9 million over now. after 3 weekends on top bad boys for life fell to second grossing $12 million for a domestic total of
9:55 am
166 million. birds of prey and the fantabulous emancipation of one harley quinn easily debuted on top though its opening weekend total of 33.3 million was considerably lower than expected in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>and our broadcast is about to end but the news never stops on kron o you can always find the latest on our 24 hour streaming service, let's find out what theresa stasi oh it's not a hernia are working on for us today, good morning. >>i ever hello everyone will continue following those 3 deadly fires at family killed for people here in the bay area and starting today barred is implementing some serious changes that will tell you how those changes are working now for those writers plus corona virus numbers continue to increase around the world will be taking a look what steps are being taken here in the bay area and democratic presidential candidate mike bloomberg he's rolled out his
9:56 am
immigration plan, we'll have more for you from our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala a little later so make sure to download the kron on app to stay with us all day long back to you. >>check this out an 8 year-old boy in kentucky battling a rare terminal cancer and his hometown surprised him by naming him police chief for a day you bet he got the whole thing you have to spend a day with the k 9 officers, he got to be real like detectives. >>and he also got to help handle a small traffic crash that happened while he was on a ride along so he got to do that and here is being sworn in department says they did everything they could to give them the best day ever. >>real loud. a very you are now the chief of police for the day live day to day. >>live laugh and love. enjoy what time we had his nobody knows how long. >>but they're really hoping that they can help by hylan by coming to san francisco. they're traveling here soon for an experimental treatment
9:57 am
that will infuse chemo directly into his brain stem. so it could be a life savings hope so we're all pulling for you. >>all right, here's a quick look at your seven-day around the bay forecast as we head to break on this finish off the broadcast on this monday you can see the week ahead temperatures going to stay relatively mild in the 60's. each day the home does that remind >>i know you've planning it for all right, that's all ahead of time we have we'll see you back here tomorrow morning about that. when mike first became mayor, there were places where black and brown children hadn't received an education for 30 years. mike said, "those are the kids i want to give an opportunity". he increased teacher's salaries. he increased the graduation rates by 40%. he made schools safer all over this country. children aren't getting a quality education.
9:58 am
mike is going to fight for all the children. i saw him do it in the largest school system in america. he's going to do the same thing in this country. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
9:59 am
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